firebirdbooks (firebirdbooks) wrote,

Happy 2004!

I hope that everyone had terrific holidays. I'm back in the office now, after two weeks off, and am excited by the prospect of new books and manuscripts to read. There are some very cool books in the works on both the Viking and Firebird side!

The Firebird website is going to be updated soon. What will change:

- This blog will be embedded
- The 2004 publishing schedule will go up
- The Spring 2004 books will be featured
- There is a new newsletter
- The FAQ will change

In re the last: as of now, I cannot look at any unsolicited queries or manuscripts, because I am drowning in work. This may change, but don't bet on it. Knowing how things are, I'm going to keep getting the unsoliciteds anyway. (If you are an aspiring author, I suggest this page. If you're an aspiring teenage author, go here too. NB: I don't publish teenagers.)

Back to work. sdn
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